Empowered Learning Increases Reading and English Levels- Level Up and Empower Others.
Covid-19 has everyone social distancing, but online learning is in effect, and Empowered Learning for the 21st Century is eager to serve you and take your learning to new heights and levels.

Parental Assistance

We will assist parents and learners with self-management techniques that will promote academic success and decrease deficiencies levels. Each learner will work in a one-on-one online setting in order for him or her to meet his or her individual learning needs and in order to promote various learning modalities based on the individual's learning style. 

Diagnostic Tests and Check For Understanding Guide

The diagnostic tests for Reading and English provide high-quality information to the teachers and tutors that can be used to help improve skills and the tests help students develop self-assessment (reflection awareness) in learning. A “ How to Refresh my Understanding” guide will be distributed to the learners at the end of the month in order for the teachers and tutors to check the learners’ understanding and for reassessment, as needed in the English or Reading skill. This will be administered in a follow-up session.

Technological Services

 Empowered Learning for the 21st Century will make sure the most up-to-date streaming services, online services, and technological processes are always in place for learners to receive, obtain and maintain academic successes in their online environment. Learners and their parents will also be added to a drawing every 6 months  that will consist of a buy one session and obtain another session free after four sessions are completed. (One family will always win) From time to time there will be random drawings for client-owner morale also. The tutorial charges will be at the standard $30 an hour for standard tutoring as well. Everything at Empowered Learning for the 21st Century is remarkable for executing usage easily, the experience of the branding recognition is phenomenal which includes a personal touch that shows the learners that they are appreciated in every regard. 

Programs Offered

The Level Up Reading and English programs do not just allow students to receive assistance with their homework, but the programs are also designed to help the students and GED clients increase their reading comprehension level and fluency. The step-by-step approach can allow students to level up to the next reading level in the program. The success can be ongoing.

Tutorial Fee

 Empowered Learning for the 21st Century will not charge any student for attending the GED program. The paid services include:  ESOL Program, Literacy and English Program for 4th-12th graders and adults,  and the Teachers’ Certification Prep program

Achieved Results

The Level Up Program has been utilized with previous students in a variety of tutorial classes, classroom settings, and with any student who has been tutored and who has taken various classroom assessments and state exams. The Level Up program does not achieve results overnight, but over a 5 to 6 weeks time span the teacher/ tutor, parent and student should definitely see comprehension and fluency gains on homework assessments, during tutorial sessions, and during any academic setting that requires the clients to demonstrate thorough understanding for Reading, Fluency, and all English skills. Remarkable results can be achieved with dedication and motivation. 

Tutoring Subjects

English Language Literature Adult ESL/ELL Adult Literacy Reading Elementary School English Elementary School Writing English English Grammar and Syntax ESL/ELL Essay Editing Expository Writing FSA Prep FRT - Foundations of Reading Test FTCE - Florida Teacher Certification Examinations Middle School Reading Middle School Reading Comprehension Other Professional Certificates including Praxis for Reading and English Spelling Bee Prep GED Prep