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Who We Are

Welcome to Empowered Learning for the 21st Century LLC, your number one educational source for all innovative and supported learning needs. Empowered Learning empowers parents and students by implementing a business that has highly effective and highly qualified teachers and tutors. We are dedicated to giving you the very best of services with a focus on dependability, honesty, and productivity. WE ARE THE AVENUE for Connecting You to NEW Reading Levels.  

 Founded in December 2020 by Shelia Mosley -Empowered Learning for the 21st Century LLC can offer you online services in the areas of English, Reading, Reading Comprehension, Study Skills, Homework strategies, and Test Preparation for state exams including Florida, Maryland, and Georgia. 

Mission Statement

 Empowered Learning for the 21st Century’s mission statement is to give learners a comfortable, supportive, and reliable online environment that encourages intellectual growth for all learners and give our learners a vast amount of opportunities to achieve academic excellence by demonstrating the full potential as they pursue and execute their goals in the 21st century. 


 If you came to learn We came to teach and tutor. If you continue to show up We will continue to assist you with becoming successful. 

Core Values

Integrity, Dependability,  Trustworthy, Respectful, Punctual, Passionate and Commitment to Customers


We are also  collaborative partners with Varsity Tutors.

4th and 5th graders and 6th-8th graders

4th, 5th and 6th-8th graders who are on Level 1 and Level 2 reading levels(based on school or previous state assessments) are encouraged to opt in to not only receive tutoring services but also participate in the Level Up step-by-step Reading process or English process. Note: The Reading Level Up program is different from The Level Up English program. Some parents may want their child to participate in both or choose one or the other.

Level 3 or higher Reading and English learners will receive regular tutoring services and can also receive a county or state-approved Reading text to obtain aspects of increasing their levels also during or after each session. However, they will not go through the step-by-step Level Up process for Level 1 and Level 2 clients. (the Reading assessment is optional) An incentive is given on a monthly basis. 

General Education Development clients (GED)

General Educational Development (GED) learners will receive tutorial services in English, Reading, and Writing based on the requirements and standards listed for the GED. Clients will be given a short diagnostic assessment for initial review, and each session the client will have assessments that will coincide with the mentioned skills. At the end of each session the learner, teacher/tutor will dialogue about the strengths and needs improvements as it relates to the particular skill he or she is working on. An incentive is given on a monthly basis.  

ESOL students  and ESOL Adults

ESOL learners will receive strategies that will assist with accent lessons, vocabulary, Reading, and English skills. Different models will be utilized based on the client’s proficiency levels. Weekly homework will be given along with best practice strategies. A monthly incentive will be given. 

Teacher Prep Clients

Teacher Prep clients for the Florida Teacher Certification Exam, Georgia Professional Standards Exam, and the Praxis exam for the state of Maryland can receive tutorial sessions, on close reading, text marking tactics, best reading and studying practices, identify the key skill in the question strategies, a variety of skill sets, process elimination tactics, Craft and Structure skills and other strategies that can assist with passing scores for the mentioned teachers’ state exam. A monthly incentive will be given.